The YMCA is appreciative of the outstanding men and women who volunteer to be part of both the boards of directors and trustees. They work side-by-side with the Y to strengthen communities.


Board of Directors


Brian Marsh II**,  Chair

Perci Garner III, Vice Chair
Scott Heil**, Treasurer
Brian Proctor*, Past President
Jim Boose**, Secretary


Term Expires 8/31/24
Jason Bambeck
Lisa Beamer
Chris Beck
David Denney, Jr.
Emily Springer
Brian Proctor**

Term expires 8/31/25
Anjum Azhar*
Jim Boose
Brian Marsh II
Jim Wherley, Jr.
Melody Rader


Term expires 8/31/26

Jeff Bray
Fran Brogan*

Perci Garner III*

Scott Heil
Pete Kandis
Amy Smith*


* - serving 2nd term
** - serving an unexpired term


Board of Trustees


Chair - Jim Crandall
Vice Chair - Mike Fredericks
Secretary - Meagan Shaheen
Treasurer - Mark Heil
Past Chair - Nathan Vaughan

Class of 2024
C. Jason Deeds*
Nathan Vaughan
Brian Marsh***

Class of 2025
Jim Crandall*

John Hoopingarner
Jay Dummermuth
Bob Gerber


Class of 2026
Mike Fredericks
Ashley Wagner
Dave Hanhart*

Mark Heil***

Brian Marsh II^


* - serving 2nd term
** - serving ex-officio
*** - serving unexpired term
^ - Chair, Board of Directors