24/7 Access


Here’s how it works.  VIDEO https://youtu.be/wsavqf4JxsE    SPANISH VIDEO https://youtu.be/cr39pidqxCc

  • Tuscarawas County YMCA members who are 18 or older can sign up for 24/7 access by stopping at our Member Service Center and updating their membership and photo, signing 24/7 waivers and rules, plus taking a SAFETY TOUR!
  • There is no additional cost for this service, this is a YMCA Adult Membership perk.
  • 24/7 Members can access the Y Fitness Center after hours by using their membership card as a key to the Fitness Center door located on Monroe Street.  During normal business hours this entrance will be closed and we ask all members use the main entrances and scanner as usual.  
  • Only 24/7 members may use this perk. No guests (including children)!  
  • The Fitness Center is equipped with cardio and resistance machines, free-weights and indoor track. There are restrooms available in the Fitness Center hallway. No other areas of the building will be accessible, including the locker rooms.  
  • Security cameras monitor access and membership card usage. 
  • No card=No entrance. Family members may not share an access card for this service.  For emergencies we have installed panic buttons inside the Fitness Center and we highly recommend bringing your cell phone as an added safety precaution. 
  • No staff are on duty during after-hours access. So it’s always a great plan to have a workout buddy join for 24/7 access too!