Blood Pressure Checks by A-Z Healthcare
Wed. June 29 
8 AM - Noon in the Gym Lobby

Cleveland Clinic Hemoglobin A1C Screeninng
Monday July 25, 8-10 AM - 
Appointments Required-Cost $5 - To make an appointment, call 330-602-0779



OPERS, SERS, and Medicare retirees now eligible for the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program

Our Y does not offer DPP currently

  • We have many YMCAs across Ohio that offer the YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program currently. Unfortunately, our location does not yet offer it.
  • Please call 833-438-1312 or visit the for the list of communities in Ohio currently offering the program.
  • If you do not see a location convenient for you, there is a place to let us know where you are, as we are adding new locations each month.
  • Also visit the website for frequently asked questions, diabetes risk quiz, enrollment information, and much more.