the Y




5th and 6th Graders

Music Provided by CKPJ the DJ's

7-10 PM

2018 – Jan 13, Feb 10, March 10, April 14.

$5 Y Member must bring your card
$6 Others

Chaperoned by Parents, Staff and Y Volunteers


Dress Code: Modest dress is required and these are NOT acceptable: Bare midriffs, tube tops, short shorts, visible underwear, or saggy pants.

Food and Drink: No food or drinks in the Gym. Refreshments are sold at the snack bar in the lobby and are to be eaten in the lobby, and anyone who eats in the lobby is responsible to clean up after themselves.

Behavior: Running is not permitted in the building. Horse play, inappropriate displays of affection, Bullying, unfriendly behavior, or harassment of others, will not be tolerated.

PLEASE report any infraction to the staff on duty. If you don’t tell us, we won’t know what needs to be fixed.

Dancing: Anyone dancing must be respectful of other dancers and their personal space. Space must be allowed between participants while dancing.

Vandalism: Anyone suspected of vandalizing Y property or someone else’s property, parents will be notified and depending on the severity of the offence, may be banned from dances.

Supervision: Dances are chaperoned by parents, YMCA staff, and volunteers.

Youth are not permitted to leave the building before 10 PM unless a parent is there to pick them up and staff is notified. The dance is dismissed at 10 PM. Youth must be picked up by10:15PM. No one is permitted to walk home.