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Beginners & Competative Teams

What Parents Should Know
  • You do not need to compete at tournaments. However, most kids want to and it is encouraged. Remember, Judo is a mental and physical exercise. Kids can come and play with their friends without competing in the sport. Kind of like playing catch or shooting hoops without competing in baseball or basketball. Rank and skills do come faster through competing.
  • After a few weeks, talk with your child and see If they enjoy what they are doing. Ask if they want to go to the next level or start to compete. If they would like to continue, they will need a Gi, which can be purchased from the coach. They can he ordered anytime, but it is more convenient and cost effective to order within the first three weeks of the session.
  • The USJA is one of the national organizations in the US. It is not required by the Y to join the USJA. But if you wish to compete you must obtain a membership in the USJA. Also, all rank is through the USJA. Your child will need to belong to get belt rank promotions.
  • If practice needs to be cancelled due to scheduling conflicts, there will he a Saturday morning make up practice. The Y now employs two coaches so one coach is usually available for practice.
  • The last night of every session will be all levels combined. We have promotions and important things that night so all levels can be a part of it as a team. We will also hold a small tournament on this night, mostly for new players to see what a tournament is like, and their parents, grandparents, and friends can come observe.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to talk with your coaches before or after class.

What is Judo?

In 1882, Dr. Jigaro Kano took safer, non-crippling techniques from many different styles of Jujitsu (the combat arts of Japan at the time) and developed a safe form of mental and physical exercise. Participants in this form of exercise, called Judo, began to compete against each other to test their skills and abilities. Today, Judo is an Olympic sport practiced around the world, second only to soccer in the number of participants worldwide. Judo has held world championships since the 1950's and been in the Olympic games since 1964. The US holds national championships every year for children and adults. There are many small tournaments all year long for playing and developing skills. The Tuscarawas County YMCA has had Judo since the 1970's.

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What Is Beginners?

The beginner's class is considered the most important. The fundamentals needed to begin play are learned in this class. Without these fundamentals, you cannot play or advance to the next appropriate level. Participants should come to class in shorts or sweat pants and a t-shirt or sweat shirt. Finger and toenails should he cut short and clean. We practice in bare feet so they need to be clean for everyone's benefit. Participant’s skills will be evaluated at the end of the session. If you have attended most classes and shown ability in the skills learned, you will advance to the next appropriate practice level. Remember attend class and work with your class partner to learn. It helps the skills come sooner.of 13.

What are Juniors and Seniors?

Seniors are young people and adults over the age of 13, when they reach the belt rank of blue. Both these classes continue to build on the fundamentals learned in the beginner class. Participants practice to become more skillful players. The last twenty minutes of juniors overlaps with the start of seniors to do mat work. This allows the two groups to mix and get to know each other as a team. This is when adult participants can begin to compete at tournaments with the Tuscarawas County YMCA Judo Team. Junior participants and young seniors can, if they choose to, begin to compete with the team.

What ls The Tuscarawas County YMCA Judo Team?

As you improve and if you wish to test your skills by competing in tournaments, you will need to join USJA. This will get you into tournaments and make you eligible for belt rank promotions. Just coming to practice and trying to improve makes you a part of our team.

Judo Coaches

Jim Law
Andrew Law